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À propos de moi!

My name is Hannah Turner and I was born, raised, and currently residing in The Colony, TX. I share my cozy home with the best mother in the world and my dorky maltese, Sprite, along with a couple of parakeets and fish. Although he doesn't live at my house( he would make a great lawn mower if he could though) , I consider my horse, Colby, like family. My boyfriend of 2 years (my first love, yes "awe" I know) is my best friend and my world. I spend alot of my time in the kitchen, where I throw my heart and soul into all my creations. I also go horseback riding, read, paint and draw, excercise regularly, and follow a semi-raw diet. Most people are surprised to find such a healthy teenager as me. I always get weird stares and tons of questions at my school lunch table from my raw chia seed energy balls and vegetables (the usual faire is greasy pizza and chicken fried steak, which frankly make me feel awful inside and out). I'm starting this food blog at only 17 and solely relying on cookbooks, the internet, my loving family, and my own experiences to find my way through the mysterious and exciting, yet sometimes frustrating, world of cooking and baking. I heard a saying from somewhere that says never say "I dream to..", because dreams don't always come true. So, instead I say I'm GOING to own my own bakery where I serve healthy local foods, sweet treats, fresh breads, and yes, include an extensive menu just for raw, vegan, and gluten free lifestyles. I want to make eating healthy fun and accessible to everyone. It shouldn't be so pricey and inconvenient. I want to advocate for more farmers markets and health stores and less fast food restaurants. Better yet, fast AND healthy food. I would love to be a part of the movement for turning our SAD (standard American diet) into something we can feel good about. To be a professional food blogger and photographer would also be amazing. I know it's going to take alot of work, listening, learning, and most of all patience to reach my goals. I feel I'm prepared to handle it, with your help of course!!