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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to make French Toast like a pro

Hey everyone! Today I got the idea to share a way to make something that I am making all of the time because it is so simple and so delicious: French toast. Now, no matter how simple I find French toast to make, I know there are people out there that have never made it before or are not quite sure how. Therefore, today I'm going to share my favorite way to make it. When I make french toast I rarely if ever measure the quantities of ingredients I use because it really all depends on taste and the quantity I am making so I am just going to list the ingredients for you and you can use the amounts you desire.

My absolute favorite bread to use when making french toast is the eggy deliciousness that is challah. But feel free to use whatever day old bread you have on hand. You want it to be slightly stale because if it is fresh then it will become really soggy in the batter and tend to fall apart.

Hannah's Favorite French Toast

- eggs
-half and half
-a splash of your favorite flavor of coffee creamer (i.e. french vanilla, Italian sweet cream, hazelnut etc.)
-a drizzle of honey
-desired number of slices of bread
-butter for greasing skillet
-cinnamon (optional)
-powdered sugar (optional)

1.) If bread is not pre-sliced then cut to about 1-inch thick slices with a serrated bread knife.
2.) Combine the eggs, half and half, coffee creamer, and honey in a shallow bowl and whisk together until well combined.
3.) Heat butter in a skillet over medium-low heat and sprinkled cinnamon (if desired) onto the melting butter and tilt the pan so that it is well greased.
4.) When the butter begins to sizzle and bubble take one slice of bread at a time and dip it into the batter flipping once and letting it soak for a few seconds (not too long so it doesn't fall apart).  Shake off excess batter and drop in skillet. Continue doing this with slices of bread until you fill your pan. Cook french toast about a minute and thirty seconds then flip to the other side with a spatula and continue cooking until golden brown. Be careful not to let it get blackened or it will taste burned. Remove slices of french toast from pan and place on a plate. Repeat the procedure with desired amount of bread slices. If you are making a lot then I suggest putting the french toast that is done in a heat proof dish and placing in a warm oven until you've finished making all of the french toast.
5.) Some people like powdered sugar on their french toast, I like it without it, but if your a fan then sift powdered sugar over the french toast right after cooking. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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