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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chocolate Ganache

Hello guys! Today I just wanted to post a quick recipe for chocolate ganache that I learned how to make at school. We used this for frosting a layered cake and then pouring it over the top. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, I regret not taking any because the cake was gorgeous. Anyways, onto the recipe.

Dark Chocolate Ganache
-2 cups high quality dark chocolate chips*
-2 cups heavy cream*

*Notes: This recipe makes a lot- enough to frost a 3-layer cake and pour over the top of it. But this recipe can easily be adapted to make the amount you need, just use equal parts dark chocolate and heavy cream.

1.) First heat the heavy cream in a small pot until it's near boiling. You will know it is hot enough when it begins to foam up. Remove from heat.
2.) Immediately place chocolate chips in pot with heavy cream and allow to sit undisturbed for about 7 minutes.
3.) Begin agitating and stirring the mixture with a rubber spatula, blending the chocolate with the heavy cream, working to get a smooth and uniform consistency. There may be some grains in it at first but just keep stirring and it should become smooth as silk and shiny.
4.) Take a bowl, preferably a metal one and fill it with ice. Pour the ganache into another stainless steel bowl. In 5 to 10 second intervals place the bowl with the ganache into the bowl of ice and stir continuously, then remove the ganache and keep stirring. You are doing this to temper the chocolate and get it to the consistency that you need it to be at for whatever purpose you are using it for. If you are using it to pour or drizzle over something, then it may be ready after only three 10 second intervals stirring in the ice bath. If you are trying to get it to the frosting consistency, then have patience and keep working with it until it begins to thicken. However, you do not want it as thick as peanut butter so work slowly and keep your eye on it as the consistency changes. 


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