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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Starter Has Been Started

I have always been a huge fan of sourdough bread. I think the best I have ever had came out of the breadbasket at California Pizza Kitchen. Souring dough does not sound appetizing, I know, but for those unconverted to this delicacy that have not tried it- you have to before you can judge the poor smelly stuff. I've actually grown to love the yeasty smell of my starters. This time I wanted to try something a little more wholesome and decided on a starter recipe from "The Breadman's Healthy Bread Book" by George Burnett. He has a simple recipe for a decent looking whole wheat sourdough. I just woke up and had my breakfast smoothie and threw it together in one of my old large ceramic flour jars. I love the recipes in this book because, as the name says, they are all good for you and the sweetener that every recipe uses, including the starter, is honey. Honey happens to be my favorite white sugar alternative because of it's minerals and rich flavor. Another cool bonus of using honey is that if you buy local it can help with allergies. Anyways back to the starter. I will be posting it throughout it's development and hopefully I will get the finished loaf put up here too...that is if I don't forget to take a picture before it ends up reduced to crumbs and in my tummy. No promises...

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