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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vegan Double Chocolate Spoon Protein Smoothie

This smoothie is so thick and lucious you can eat it with a spoon. Seriously, you will find a hard time tipping the glass back and trying to pour it into your mouth. Isn't that amazing? It really makes it super filling and really indulgent tasting. It's double chocolatey and did I mention it has peanut butter too? Are you drooling yet?

Vegan Double Chocolate Spoon Protein Smoothie
1 Cup water
1 Cup almond milk
half of a banana
1 Tablespoon Dark Chocolate Dreams vegan pb
2 scoops 100% vegan chocolate protein powder
1 Tablespoon Lecithin (This is optional, it just ups the nurtrion content and helps burn fat. It can be found at GNC)

1.) Place all ingredients into your blender in order listed
2.) Then blend away using the "blend" and then "whip" settings, if you have them.
3.) Drink Spoon smoothie into your mouth and enter bliss-mode.


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